3 Easy Steps to get Marriage Certificate Attested and Legalized in UAE

Marriage certificate attestation is one of the most crucial processes in UAE, especially for persons that are looking for getting a family residential visa for the country. The documentation is not technical and requires a number of application forms that are duly filled and verified by all the concerned departments of the home nation.

However, as the odds of the application getting rejected are high because of many reasons, such as wrongly filled form, and lack of supporting documents, etc, we recommend that you read the official guidelines before proceeding with the certificate attestation. Further, you must note that it is illegal for a couple to stay together without completing the marriage certificate attestation procedure.

Another way to get the Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE is by opting for the services of the attestation companies and agencies. These companies offer attestation services for all kinds of documents at affordable prices and all you have to do is, submit the documents in original and pay the fee. As you have to submit the original documents, we recommend opting for a reputed company after proper verification.

For all our readers, we are also sharing the particulars of the marriage certificate attestation in three simple steps. So, read them carefully and then apply for the attestation to avoid errors.

Marriage Certificate Attestation is required for:

  • UAE Family Visa
  • UAE dependent Visa

Miscellaneous Points of Importance that you Must Remember for Marriage Certificate Attestation

Before you proceed with the marriage certificate attestation, you must check that the following are mentioned on the marriage certificate:

  • Bride’s name
  • Bridegroom’s name
  • Age and the marital status of the applicants
  • Date and Venue of marriage
  • Address of both the applicants
  • Names of the witnesses
  • Name of the individual who officiated the marriage
  • Name of the institution that officiated the marriage

Easy Steps to get Marriage Certificate Attested and Legalised in UAE

#STEP 1 – Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Home Country

A marriage certificate, like any other document, requires attestation from the home nation before being used internationally. The process, fees and notarization steps vary across the countries. Mostly, the certificate is first attested at the state home department level. Then it is forwarded to the Central Government office (Home Ministry) and finally, it is signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). However, the MOFA attestation is done after the documents are verified by the embassy. Once the certificate is attested, it is returned to the original owner.

The marriage certificate attestation requires the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Passport size photos

Some additional documents might also be required that are related to the spouse in some cases.

We recommend that the readers should first check the guidelines and supporting documents required for the marriage certificate attestation procedure for their country. As the fees and documentation might also vary, it is better to check them right before you apply for the attestation to ensure that you stick to the latest regulations.

#STEP 2 – Attestation from the Embassy of UAE

Once the marriage certificate attestation from the home country ministry is done, the documents are forwarded to the UAE embassy located in your home country. The authorities will verify the attestation and ensure that there is no foul play involved. This is the second step of the certificate attestation process and is done by the diplomatic officials of UAE employed in the UAE Embassy of your home nation. Once the verification is over, the documents are forwarded to the MOFA or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

#STEP 3 – MOFA attestation for marriage certification in UAE

Finally, the documents are forwarded to the MOFA or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the documents, attestation stamps, particulars and other details are verified before the final attestation. All the particulars, signatures and stamps are verified properly and the notarization particulars are also checked with utmost precision, before finally handing over the documents to the original owner.

Attestation of Marriage Certificate in UAE – Fees:

  • 150 AED is the attestation fee for the marriage certificate.
  • The applicants can also remit the fee in the local currency.
  • Apart from this fee, the applicants have to remit the bank processing fee.

Mode of fee remission:

  • The fees for the attestation can be remitted via the Credit or Debit Cards that come with International Payment Facility.
  • The UAE Consular Section also has the facility of the Multi-Currency Prepaid Card.
  • The third option to remit the fee for the attestation of a Marriage Certificate in UAE is via the e-Gate Payment System.

We hope that all the details shared about the marriage certificate attestation process prove helpful for all our readers. As the regulations change from time to time, and the attestation might take longer than usual because of the COVID-19, we recommend that you plan your travels accordingly and apply for the attestation well ahead of your departure.

To know more details or to attest your marriage certificates, you can approach any of the attestation companies providing attestation services in UAE.

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