3 Things You Should Know About Renting with Roommates

Are you planning to rent an apartment with the roommate? You must be having many concerns regarding splitting expenses.

You must be wondering about how to divide the household chores and who gets which room. And most of all, you’d also want to figure out how to split the rent. Sharing the rent along with the other expenses can turn up really beneficial when it’s about living with roommates as it eventually saves a lot of money. So before moving into your new abode, just figure out how you will split bills amongst your roommates.

Alongside, it’s imperative to ensure that you sign the agreement with roommates because it’s going to help in avoiding problems & conflicts ahead. As per expert realtors, it’s imperative to figure out who is going to what must be discussed beforehand to cut any confusions and troubles down the road. To make things less confusing and much easier, here’re a few useful suggestions you must consider when living with roommates. So let’s dive in;

Have a Plan

Along with all the benefits in living with roommates, you are able to live in a house you might not have been able to afford all by yourself. But since moving in with a roommate is likely to be an entirely different experience than living along, you must come up with a plan regarding how the rent will be split along with other expenses. This way, you’ll be able to avoid future potential disagreements about who is paying for what in case one of you gets financial unstable – may odds ever be in your favor.

Honestly, discussing money can be really stressful, so just try making this conversation much more relaxed simply by sitting down with your future roommates over the snacks and talk about rent and other utilities. Also, you can decide how to divide up those bills & expenses that won’t really be shared. It’d be great if one person can take notes and write down all that was agreed upon so that you have everything in writing in case any point vanishes off your mind.

Visit the House Together

Since you all – either 2 or 4 – are going to live together in that place, make sure you visit the rental space together. This way, each one of you would be able to get a say and contribute the opinion. When visiting the place, make sure you discuss the pros and cons of living in that space so that you all can decide whether it’s the right place to live or not.

In case it’s not possible for you all to go and visit the place together, then just try to go separately. Either together or individually, it’s essential for all of you to visit the rental apartment. Once you’ve seen the place, just get together, compare note and come to a conclusion.

Ways to Split the Rent

Divide Evenly: Well, it’s simply the best way to divide the total rent. This way, you don’t really have to figure out specific room sizes, and it’s a great option if the bedrooms are about the same size. This actually turns up favorable for all the roommates because nobody is paying more or less and everyone has to pay the equal amount. But when dealing with apartment for rent in Dubai, it’s not likely all the time that all rooms will be of equal size.

Bedroom Size: Sometimes the bedrooms are of different sizes. If some rooms are bigger than others, you must decide who is going to get which bedroom. And it clearly means that some roommates will pay more than others. So here’s the simple way, just take a square footage of each bedroom and simply divide the total of the house. You’ll figure out what percentage of total space each one of you occupies and you can easily calculate the rental share each one of you pays.

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