9 Handcrafted Christmas Gifts for 2020

Christmas is not just any other event; it is an emotion that touches millions of people every year. The warmth, joy, love, and smiles attached to Christmas make it one of the most anticipated events worldwide. If you’re prepping up for the upcoming Christmas and looking to surprise your loved ones with some unconventional gift options, we’ve got your back. Instead of buying the usual gifts from top brands, you should consider handcrafting some beautiful gifts by undertaking some easy DIY projects. If you know the basics of die-cutting, origami, tie and die, or other similar techniques, you won’t find it challenging to make something unique for your near and dear ones.

When it comes to DIY projects, you can unleash your creativity and make something to please your acquaintances. You can consider making comfy socks with quirky messages on them, personalized Christmas cards that beautifully highlight memories you’ve created with the recipient, and much more. The die-cutting process can prove to be helpful while creating handcrafted gifts, so make sure you gather basic knowledge regarding it. Now that you’re ready to explore some good handmade Christmas gift options, read ahead.

9 Handcrafted Gifts you can create this Christmas

1. DIY Fleece Blanket

Celebrating Christmas on chilling winter nights is a delight and experience to behold. But what is more special is giving someone the warmth of your love to stand the dropping temperatures during the Christmas season. You can come up with some beautiful designs and start making fleece blankets for your family members. Not only will handcrafted fleece blankets allow you to give a unique touch of personalization, but it will also be very light on your pocket. You can get the raw materials online, gather design ideas from pinterest, and look for some easy hacks online to make the most beautiful blankets. 

2. DIY Paper Flowers

While paper flowers may not be your first gift choice, but it definitely deserves your attention. Aesthetic paper flowers can be one of the most resourceful gift options, as the recipient can incorporate them in their Christmas decoration. The best part of making Christmas DIY paper flowers is its cost-effectiveness, ease of making, and degree of personalization. If you have die-cutting equipment, you can end up creating awe-inspiring designs. Once created, you can also add a personal note to each paper flower before gifting it to your loved ones.

3. DIY Christmas Ornaments

No Christmas decoration is complete without beautiful ornaments. It is one of those items that are needed by almost everyone celebrating Christmas worldwide. If you were looking for ways to amaze your family and friends by gifting them what they may need, you cannot miss out on Christmas ornaments. Making these ornaments is not difficult and can be done using a few DIY items and tools. You can handcraft stunning gift boxes, snowflakes, colored Christmas balls, and a lot more using easily-available items.

4. DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candles

Want to create an everlasting impression by gifting something sophisticated? If yes, then you will love making mason jar candles. They can be handcrafted using limited and readily available items. Before you start your shopping for mason jars or candle wicks, make sure to first decide on the design and personalization you want in the final product. Once you’ve made your mind, you can proceed with buying the essentials, like- candle wax, mason jars, candle wicks, glue gun, and other required items. To add a good fragrance to it, you can also incorporate your favorite essential oils in these mason jar candles. Once prepared, you can wrap them in beautiful gift boxes and share them on Christmas day. 

5. DIY Christmas Holiday Shakers

One of the easiest, eye-catchy, and budget-friendly Christmas gift options can be holiday salt shakers. These are easy on your pocket, aesthetic, and useful. You just need miniature Christmas trees, transparent salt shakers, miniature deer, or other items that can perfectly be placed inside the shaker. You can place enticing miniatures insider the salt shaker using a glue gun and add other decorations as you deem fit. It may appear like an ordinary gift initially, but the final handcrafted result will change your mind.

6. Stovetop Potpourri

If you’re looking for something that perfectly aligns with the Christmas theme and aura, then it has to be a stovetop potpourri. Stirring up the demand over the years, it has become a hot-selling Christmas gift. The best part of a stovetop potpourri is that anyone can make it at home using some easily available items without breaking their bank. To make a beautiful stovetop potpourri, you will need cute mason jars, an assortment of herbs, spices, fruit peels, extracts, and a DIY flower. Assemble the items properly, and voila! You’re ready with your impressive handcrafted Christmas gift that is sure to stand out.

7. Shaker Gift Tags

Instead of purchasing readymade shaker gift tags, why not make them at home? These easy to make gift tags are the best Christmas gifts you can give. To make the gift tags unique, you can add beautiful elements and a personal message to each tag. For special people, make a bundle of gift tags that collectively express a message of love and togetherness coupled with a touch of beautiful memories. Get some colorful papers, scissors, glue, decorative elements, and start making Christmas gift tags for your loved ones. If you know how to use die-cutting equipment, you can make some stunning tags.

8. DIY Unique Christmas Socks

Socks can never disappoint anyone, especially when gifted in the winter season. Making DIY Christmas socks can be fun, budget-friendly, and rewarding. If you own a circuit maker, you can try your hands on creating beautiful socks using comfy materials. Adorn these socks with quirky messages that instantly bring a smile to the face. You can create a bundle of socks, with each pair having fun quotes, engaging elements, and eye-catchy designs for your family and friends. 

9. DIY Christmas Cards

Lastly, you can make personalized Christmas cards tailored to the recipient’s interests or likings. Using vibrant colors, personal notes, decorative ribbons, good-quality paper cards, and sparkles can make your card stand out. If you have die-cutting equipment at home, you can make some incredible designs and give a flawless finish touch to each card. The best part of handcrafting Christmas cards is that you can give a personalized touch to every card based on the recipient’s relation with you. The cards can be made on a low budget, but their impact on your relationship will be long-lasting.

If you’re geared up to make the best DIY Christmas gifts this year, pick up one or more options from the list shared-above, and start creating. DIY Christmas gifts have always been special, so be sure not to miss out on the chance to express your love in the form of handcrafted gifts. Merry Christmas!!!

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