A Guide to Knightsbridge, London

Knightsbridge comes under the category of the cream of London, which comprises of fancy cars, clothes and foreign investment in the South West of the city. It consists of over nine-thousand residents and is very large due to the properties that exist in it. It has shot up a lot after the very famous Hyde Park was developed in the area. The area consists of apartments, which has rent equivalent to what you would pay per month for a one-bed apartment in the less costly area. Though you will get a private cinema, a concierge and a Rolex shop on the ground floor.

Moreover, this area isn’t just about the penthouse apartments and the Russian oligarchs. It is also a commercial center that is very important and consists of flagship stores of very famous designers. It also comprises of department stores and such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods. The area also has a very rich history. Consisting of the Victorian and Georgian terraces, the apiotherapy garden from 1600s and the Exhibition Road museum’s short pathway.

The borders of this area are shared with South Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia. There isn’t even the slightest of chance for you to enter an area which is less elite. Most of the residents here are foreign investors, professionals who are successful in finances and corporate fields.

You will never or rarely find families that are not rich or don’t come under the highest bracket of taxes. Since this place has multiple investors, you will hardly ever find your neighbors at home. So, you will not have to worry about any noisy parties. Most of these places have faced criticism and London also faces a lot of property crisis. You will notice that this will not last for very long.

The Map

It is located in the South West of London. The Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which has the postal code of SW3 and SW1X in Zone 2.


It is London right now, but it was just a small hamlet before, which was swallowed by the city eventually. Located between two villages, Chelsea and Kensington, previously known as Chelsey and Kenesignetun. There are various stories behind it as well, as to how it came to be known as Knightsbridge. Some say that it was the knights crossed the bridge during the Holy Wars. Though many of them have a less glamorous story, being named after the place where many young men met “knight”, which was a slang word for “lad”.

It developed in the 1800s as a residential area.


It is located around London, with the Knightsbridge underground on Piccadilly and Sloane on the District and Circle lines. The journey takes approximately five minutes, whereas it takes thirteen minutes from King’s Cross. There are plenty of buses available in the area throughout day and night as well.

Living Expenses

The mentioned process of the apartment gives you an idea of the living expenses here. It is the most expensive area potentially in London. The prices are even higher than Mayfair, Belgravia and Chelsea. Even the most modest properties of this area have a very high price tag. The average rent according to 2016 is 5050 pounds for two bedrooms and 2400 starting per month.



This is London’s favorite restaurant for steaks. It is decked up using signature wood, low hanging lamps and leather chairs. The steaks of this restaurant are unbeatable, and the list of wine is long. Moreover, the beef dripping chips are worth drooling over.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

This is an award-winning restaurant, which has made Heston Blumenthal very famous. It needs only one name apart from the fat duck in Oxfordshire. It consists of every food item from snail porridge to meat fruit with panache presentation.

Mr Chow

Mr Chow serves gourmet Beijing cuisine to the locals and the celebrities since the 1960s.

Rivea, London

Located inside the plush hotel Bulgari, it is one of the jewels on French chef Alain Ducasse’s crown. He also heads the dining room of The Ritz and the second floor of the Eiffel Tower restaurant. You can expect the best and finest cuisine here.

Shops in Knightsbridge, London


Harrods is the most famous department store in the world, and it requires no introduction either. If you haven’t visited it as yet, you definitely should. It comprises of famous food halls, departmental stores, clothing and a lot more.


An award-winning chocolatier, which is loved immensely by the residents of Knightsbridge with a sweet tooth.


Tell the time in style using your Rolex instead of your phone.

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