Getting Married Soon? Don’t Forget to Have a Pre Marital Check Done on Your Life Partner

If you’re getting married soon, you’d be busy with all the preparations, getting your clothes ready, having the invites printed, and feeling excited for the day. But have you forgotten something extremely important? 

Is there something you, or any prospective bride or groom must definitely undertake to lay a solid foundation for a blissful married life?  

Yes, you’re probably not thinking of pre marriage check which would be a mistake, considering how couples feel cheated later in life when they come across some truth which should have been known before even tying the knot. 

That’s why, more families than ever now approach top sleuths of India for a proper and thorough investigation onto the potential suit for their children to ensure everything comes out as planned after the marriage. With a detective agency in Bangalore by your side, it always becomes easy to know everything about the bride or groom. 

Here are some of reasons you should definitely go for a pre marital investigation before tying the knot – 

The more you know, the better decision you can make    

A background is always helpful when it comes to knowing a potential suitor inside out – right from their behavior to family background, job, medical health, financial strength, criminal record, affairs, previous marriage and so on. Families alone find it hard to investigate such matters due to the level of sensitivity involved and plus, there is always a risk of marriage being called off. That’s why, for such checks, a private detective Bangalore would always be a perfect bet. 

A marriage without background check can turn problematic later on

Marrying without any solid knowledge on the potential suitor is always a recipe for matrimonial disaster, as in such cases surprises can always come to haunt the blissful life. It’s therefore always better to turn to a private detective agency Bangalore and ask them to seek evidence regarding every aspect that makes for a good marriage. 

Knowledge of the past as well as present is important for marriage

Nobody would want to marry a person who has a murky past, or who is still into another relationship or who have previously married, divorced and yet seeking a new alliance. Cases are quite common where someone with a dark history of marriage have gone on to re-marry even without bothering to inform the same to their current partner. To avoid such level of cheating, there is no better way than to trust a top private detective in Bangalore and seek evidence into such matters. 

You’d never want to marry a partner who is not medically fit

Illness and mental health conditions are something that people often hide when it comes to marriage. And if they disclosed their true health condition who would marry them in the first place? To ensure you marry a person who is fit and free of any disease, it’s better to have a background check done on them and be sure about the potential suitor. Since such checks are not easy if done by families all by themselves, one can always think of benefiting from the expertise of best detectives in Bangalore to get their answer.  

Never marry a person who lied about their job, salary or work profile 

A lot of people lie about their job, work profile, salary, company they work for to impress the other party (and also to get a fatter dowry, maybe) for marriage purpose. Such cases are quite common and if you did not take care who knows you might be the next to be cheated. To avoid being on the wrong side of stick, you should trust a best detective agency in Bangalore and let them bring you right evidence about the work of the would-be groom. 

You deserve to know the financial condition of the person you plan to marry  

It’s always a right decision to marry someone who is financially stable, or whose financial health is solid so that they can feed a family. To know the exact financial condition of a potential suitor or their family, you can easily ask a detective agency to investigate and bring you the evidence you always seek in such matters. 


It’s quite clear that a detective agency in Bangalore can always prove a perfect ally for you when it comes to getting right evidence about the person you are about to marry. 


Author Bio 

Naman Jain is a popular sleuth who also likes sharing ideas and domain knowledge with the world.  His posts will give you a deep insight into the industry of private investigation and discuss issues ranging from pre matrimonial investigation to employment verification to cyber crime etc. As an MD to Sleuths India, he knows the industry inside out and his posts can help you understand the problems of the domain easily.

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