Tips and Online Tool to Create Good-organized Infographics

If you have the opportunity to create a presentation in your business, you may often think, “I don’t know how to make your data or information into your infographics. 

Infographics are more than just packing information in a single picture. It is a means to give a cut to a lot of complicated information and to convey the information to the other party in an easy-to-understand manner.

In this article, what are infographics? That’s why we have put together all the precautions and tips for making. Also, in the latter half of the article, we will introduce some infographics makers that are useful for infographics production, so it is a great help if you need it.

What is Infographics?

In short, infographics is “visualization of information.” The advantage is that by adequately organizing, analyzing, and editing complex information so that you can appeal to the interests and understanding of the recipient.

Advantages and disadvantages of infographics

There is no doubt that infographics is a useful tool in the business scene. However, there are, of course, disadvantages.

For presentations that tend to be overwhelmed with information, visual graphics that are easy to understand and organized are useful for grasping information in a short time and intuitively. These advantages are the most significant benefits for business people who need to collect vast amounts of data.

The disadvantage is that infographics are created by organizing, analyzing, and editing information, so it takes time to produce. It is also important to note that incorrect arrangements can lead to interpretations that are different from the facts and can lead to misunderstandings and confusion.

3 points to keep in mind when making infographics

So what are some points to keep in mind when creating infographics? The three points you should check are listed below.

1. Handle primary information

Keep in mind “treating primary information” to avoid the possibility of data being tampered with.

In addition, in infographics that use vast and complex information, information is often mixed. Therefore, extreme caution is required.

When working with multiple people instead of individuals, work can be done smoothly by establishing common rules in advance, such as how to name files and how to describe information.

2. Setting the cut

Next, let’s be careful about how to show information.

Mistakes in information can lead to infographics that are entirely different from what you want to convey. As a result, you may get a cold response, “What do you want to say after all?”

If you don’t know how to organize and set up your cuts to avoid such a situation, you can go back to the beginning. “5W1H,” which is the basis of business, is also useful.

3. Manufacturing

Neglecting “built-in” can result in a half-finished infographic, often failing to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, incorporation is essential, but for many business people, it may be difficult in terms of time and technology.

In such a case, you can make use of the Material Summary Website and infographics Making Tools described later to supplement time constraints and lacking skills.

Well, here is a practical tool will show to you, so you can use this program to do your job. And actually it have resources and editors for you, so you can use this tool without searching other resource websites to save your times. Let’s checked out DesignCap.

DesignCap is a one-stop graphics editor so you can create infographics. To start creating infographics with DesignCap, you first need to sign up with Facebook or Google account or Email.

After logging in, you will find some free templates and many of the beautiful templates that are only for premium users. As you are going to create cost-free infographics, you can use free templates just to design your infographic. Also, charts and modules would be useful to organize your data.

Besides, it also allows you to choose the infographic format you want to create, such as reports, banners and presentations. According to the format, you can choose a template that is relevant to your work. After completing your infographic, you can download it in any form on your PC, JPG or PNG. Only premium users can download infographics as PDFs.  


With infographics, you can create presentation materials that are much more appealing than just text.

By adding infographics and changing the way information is presented, you should be able to get more attention than ever. Hope you can find anything useful from this post.

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