10 DIY Coconut Oil Skin Care Recipes

Coconut oil has amazing benefits for skin as it helps in keeping your skin nourished and healthy. Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids which have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral compounds, and they serve as potent antioxidants which help in protecting your skin. Using coconut oil for your skin makes it feel rejuvenated and fresh and hence, we have listed 10 DIY nontoxic coconut oil skin care recipes which work great on your skin.

Here Are The Top 10 DIY Coconut Oil Skin Care Recipes:

Coconut Oil Hand Scrub:

For smooth and soft hands, you need start with exfoliation. This amazing hand scrub helps provide moisture to the skin apart from exfoliating the dead cells. All you need to do is add a few more food ingredients to this recipe. Add one tbsp. of extra virgin coconut oil, 1/4th tsp. sea salt, 2tbsp honey, a few drops of lemon juice, and 1/4th cup of granulated sugar. Blend them well and your hand scrub is ready to use.

Coconut Oil Lip Balm:

For soft and supple lips, start using palmer’s coconut oil lip balm. It is so natural and helps in keeping your lips soft, nourished, and moisturized. Add a tbsp. of extra virgin coconut oil and a tbsp. of beeswax to a glass bowl placed in a hot pan of water under low flame. Now add one tbsp. of olive oil after the mixture melts. Store it and use this lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and supple.

Coconut Oil Body Polish:

Have you ever noticed how your skin feels when you go for a swim? You can enjoy the same feel at home with this excellent body polish or scrub. Add a half cup of extra virgin coconut oil in a bowl. Blend it well. Now add 1/4th cup of sea salt, 1/4th cup Epsom salts, two tsp. of concentrated liquid minerals, and a few drops of essential oils to the bowl. Use this body polish 1-2 times every week for a healthy and glowing skin.

Coconut Body Butter:

This is an easy and quick-to-make recipe which requires a few kitchen ingredients along with coconut oil. It helps in moisturizing your skin. Add 2-3tbsp. of coconut oil, a few drops of jojoba oil, and a few tbsp. of Shea butter. Blend them well until you get a thick consistency. Use this body butter to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Coconut Oil Lotion Bars:

Using coconut oil lotion bars for your skin is an effortless way to keep it moisturized and soft all day long. To prepare this amazing lotion bar, add a cup of coconut oil, a cup of bees wax, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Add both beeswax and coconut oil to a pan over a low flame. Make sure that both of them melt well. Now add your favorite essential oils. Pour this solution in lotion bar molds and abandon them until cool.

Coconut Oil Face Cream:

To make your skin unbelievably smooth and touchable, you need to try this coconut oil face cream recipe. Add a tbsp. of coconut oil, 2-3tbsp of Shea butter, and 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to a bowl. Blend them well and use this moisturizing face cream for your skin to keep it soft, supple, and healthy.

Coconut Oil Sunscreen Bars:

Have you ever made your natural sunscreen at home? If not, then you need to try this recipe and prepare your own sunscreen.

Combine a half cup of Shea butter, ½ cup of coconut oil, and 5tbsp of beeswax in a glass bowl that is placed on a hot pan of water. Make sure that the flame is on low until all the ingredients melt. Remove from the heat and stir it with 2tbsp of zinc oxide, 1/2tsp of vitamin E oil, 3/4tbsp of lavender oil. Pour this mix in the silicon molds and let them sit until cool.

Coconut Oil Deodorant:

Have you tried preparing a homemade deodorant? If no, then you need to try making your own deodorant to keep your body free from skin irritating ingredients such as parabens, artificial flavors, pthalides etc. You can skip those chemicals in your deodorants and feed your skin with healthy ingredients.

All you need is to blend 1/3rd cup of coconut oil, a few drops of essential oils, two tbsp. of baking soda, and 1/3rd cup of arrow root powder in a glass bowl until you get a consistency similar to a deodorant. Store it in a container. Use this homemade deodorant and do your skin a favor.

Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter:

Do you know that whipped coconut oil becomes easily spreadable on your skin without leaving any greasy feel? Whip a cup of coconut oil and then add a tsp. of vitamin E oil. Whip it until the texture becomes fluffy and smooth. Now add your favorite essential oils to it and pour it in a container. Store it in your freezer depending on the temperature you have in your room.

Coconut Oil Shaving Cream:

This is a natural homemade shaving cream which works great on your sensitive skin. Add 4tbsp of Shea butter and 3tbsp of coconut oil to a glass bowl and place this bowl in a hot pan of water over a medium flame. Make sure that both the ingredients blend well. Now add a few drops of lavender oil and two tbsp. of sweet almond oil. Transfer the contents to a bowl. Freeze it for a few minutes. Now, whip it again until you get a creamy consistency.

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