All the Sam And Dean Winchester Jackets You Should Know Of

With a total number of 15 blockbuster seasons containing more than 300 amazing episodes, Supernatural is one of the greatest American mystery and dark fantasy shows. The show made its first appearance back in 2005 and even after a decade and 5 years; the show still rules the hearts of many with its intriguing story line and fantabulous acting by the main stars. The story follows two strong brothers who in turn follow the footsteps of their father and are on a mission to eliminate monsters, demons and any such horrific entity existing on the Earth. 

The two handsome and driven brothers are Sam and Dean Winchester Jacket. Sam is played by the very dashing Jared Padalecki and Dean is portrayed by the charming Jensen Ackles. Since Sam is the elder brother he is shown to be more mature, calm, serious and smart. He is also mentally very strong and is generally kind and generous. Dean on the other hand has shades of fun and naughtiness and trusts his brother blindly respecting him as his elder. He is also shown a little immature than his elder brother and in this way, the two guys perfectly complement each other. What makes them look nothing short of a treat on screen is their outstanding attiring that is carefully matched to support their personalities and is unique and contemporary enough to give them the kind of look they need to have to fascinate their audiences and keep them hooked throughout. 

In this article, we are going to talk about some of their infamous outfits from the show which have caught her eyes and are noteworthy enough to be talked about and discussed. Here follows the list of them:

Jensen Ackles Supernatural Season 14 Brown Coat 

One of the classiest attires we got to see in the 14th season of the show is this trendy brown coat which was flaunted effortlessly by Jensen Ackles playing the interesting role of Dean Winchester. This stylish brown woolen long coat was paired with a refreshing white shirt, brown pants, tie and a vest.

However, the ultimate highlight of this entire look is that attractive hat which surely completes the look and is worth spending money on. 

Jared Padalecki Supernatural Season 14 Jacket 

Jared Padalecki is already a very handsome individual and his styling as Sam Winchester in Supernatural has further enhanced this charm. However, a major role has been played by his outfits which definitely include this classy jacket he wore in the season 14 of the show and surely made it difficult for the fans to take their eyes off him.

This refreshing brown jacket is made out of cotton and seemed pretty light-weighted to carry. Sam pulled it off with a checkered shirt and blue pants giving you a fine inspiration to structure your look. 

Dean Winchester Supernatural Season 6 Black Jacket 

This modish and dreamy black cotton jacket was graced by Jensen as Dean in the sixth season of the show and made his appearance even more powerful in this. Complemented with an inside tee and blue jeans, Dean looked very handsome and surely kept the viewers thoroughly hooked to the scene he was wearing this jacket in.

You should definitely try this look if you are all up for contrasting blue with black this winter.

Dean Winchester Supernatural Season 7 Black Jacket 

Throughout these 15 seasons, the fans have got enough of amazing outfits to redefine their style statement. This classy black jacket is also one of them and was featured on our very own Dean Winchester in Season 7 of the show.

This slim fitted and glossy black leather jacket would look equally stunning on you as on Dean if you pair it with your blue jeans like Dean did.

Dean Winchester Supernatural Season 6 Jacket 

Like every other season, Supernatural Season 6 was not just about a good storyline or amazing acting, it was also about fantastic attiring of the actors that liberated incredible style inspiration for those watching.

To mention something in particular, this black denim jacket raised the bar high with its eminent creation and neat finishing. The jacket was worn by the handsome Dean and you can get your hands on this inspired piece from our website. 

Dean Winchester Supernatural Season 7 Jacket 

One of our personal favorite attires of Dean Winchester is this brown distressed leather jacket which he wore in the seventh mighty season of the show and flaunted a style statement worth praising.

This buttoned-down jacket was contrasted with a black shirt inside and blue jeans beneath which is in itself a great piece of fashion advice for those looking forward to buying this one from us. 

Jensen Ackles Supernatural Leather Vest 

The ravishing Jensen Ackles is starring in the much-acclaimed show Supernatural as the very intriguing Dean Winchester who has worn the hearts of fans not only with his supernatural acting but also because of the ways he has been bringing forwards to the fans to style themselves in.

This uniquely crafted premium quality leather vest is definitely one of a kind and with those peculiarly belted collars; the vest is something you shouldn’t be missing this winter.

Sam Winchester Supernatural Season 5 Green Jacket 

The highly rated show Supernatural has always been the talk of the town with all of its seasons mainly because of the fashion sense the show has upgraded for the people. Talking particularly about this green jacket which the matured character of Sam Winchester flaunted in the Season 5, this stylish jacket has a very light and heart-warming green color which further gets enhanced because of those accurate detailing on the jacket.

Conclusively, the Sam and Dean duo has been a powerhouse of talent and style for all the men out there careful about their attiring. We have listed a very few of the amazing outfits they have flaunting in every season. To know more about them, we highly recommend that you watch the show or simply check out our Supernatural Merchandise Collection which will make you familiar with almost all those leather jackets, Mens Bomber Jacket, coats and hoodies featured in the show. 

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