How Millennials Choose Their Fashion Wear

Generation Y, otherwise known as Millennials, are the largest generation today. That said, it is no surprise that they are driving trends in the fashion industry. The Millennials have become so influential that even the top brands are listening to what they say. Their fashion is about adhering to rules and breaking them at the same time. This generation can recycle past trends and make it their own. Here is how the Millennials are shaping up the fashion industry.

Athleisure has Become Real

Athleisure, a trend that stems from the combination of leisure and athletes, has become common among the younger generation. Apart from clothes, styles, and shoes, athletes are gaining a considerable following. A combination of casual and sportswear can be quite fashionable. Invest in any sports shoe or pant today and complete this look.


Millennial trendsetters often like their clothes to feature a personal mark. Youths feel unique whenever their clothes feature a personal mark. For example, a classic white leather sneaker can feel unique and staple for a teenager. The younger generation can go to the extent of working with a brand for custom clothes. The teens now have free reign to add some color or a few patches to their wear, and no one can question them.

Social Consciousness

Generation Y members are increasingly becoming eco-aware, vegetarians, and vegans. They want their fashion sense to reflect the best in the market. Thus, most eco-conscious youths are opting for clothes and footwear manufactured by ethical brands. Everyone wants to make a difference with what he or she wears.

Gender Neutral Clothes

The acceptance of gender neutrality seems to be on the rise among the Millennials. Fashion no longer restricts members of Generation Y to specific footwear or clothing. Both males and females can wear anything they want. Men who wish to wear the heels may do so, while women who think they can don a suit and tie are free to do so. Fashion stores are increasingly stocking shoes and clothes that are perfect for anyone. It could be jeans, shirts, suits, or footwear.

Vintage Fashion

The younger generation is slowly reviving its predecessor’s fashion trends. High-heeled sandals, bug-eyed glasses, and bottom jeans are slowly finding their way in today’s fashion. Fortunately, there is a growing trend for shops selling vintage clothes at pocket-friendly prices.

Avoiding Popular Brands

The younger generation is a big fan of less popular labels. The Millennials are avoiding wearing renowned brands or high-end designer shoes or clothes. Most of them prefer seemingly underrated and custom clothes. Youths want to break the rules with jeans from classic brands, odd pieces, and statement shirts.


The concept, You Only Live Once (YOLO), is real when it comes to fashion for the younger generation. The Millennials believe in wearing anything that makes them feel awesome. Youths are free to express themselves with anything that makes them happy. If you feel like wearing print on print or socks over sleepers, no will judge you.


Honestly, youths prefer quality over a famous label. They see this as an affordable, quick, and easy way to change up their style. As a result, popular brands are encouraging the Millennials to make the most out of their expensive footwear and clothes by adding customization options. That can help keep their fashion new and fresh.

Ditching the Logos

Our predecessors preferred flaunting footwear and sneakers with noticeable logos. However, that has changed for the younger generation. Youths are more concerned with flaunting their style instead of brand names. The Millennials no longer want to be walking advertisements.

When the younger generation talks, everyone in the fashion industry listens. Top fashion retailers are re-designing their brands to keep up with the millennial demands. However, social media has made it easier for Millennials to communicate their taste and preferences the retailers. The younger generation has taken over the fashion space. If you are not a millennial, it pays to embrace their fashion trends. Armed with the internet, the younger generation will continue to re-define the fashion industry. Millennials have higher expectations and expect nothing less than instant delivery. Millennials are also conscientious buyers, so don’t think you can sell them just anything.

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