Origin of the T-shirts

T-shirt is a common wardrobe staple that is, worn by both men and women. T-shirts are usually worn for lounging around the house or going to the gym or to avoid the extreme sunny weather. One item of clothing that males and females keep in their closets is a t-shirt, and it is also kept in different variations. For instance, men, women, and children wardrobes may be filled with long, short, and three-quarter sleeves t-shirts. In summer, short sleeve t-shirts are normally the choice of customers, as short sleeve t-shirts are the coolest among all other types of t-shirts.

T-shirts are made up of different fabrics, such as burn-out, combed cotton, linen, and rib-knit etc. Every t-shirt fabric has importance in respect of the function that a particular fabric serves. One unique fabric that is, sometimes used in manufacturing of a t-shirt is sueded crew, as it gives a soft velvet feeling. One example of a t-shirt in which sueded crew fabric is used is Next Level Men’s Premium Fitted Sueded Crew.

Buy T-shirt for men, women and children

T-shirt can be found anywhere in the world; for the same reason, it is considered as a ubiquitous piece of clothing. Now, let us look at the history of the t-shirts:

T-shirts were first used in the Spanish American War as crewneck or short sleeves by the U.S. (United States) Navy under the uniforms. Soon, t-shirts were adopted by U.S. Army; t-shirt got its name, tee owing to the resemblance with the letter “T”. In hotter weather conditions: Dockworkers, farmers, miners, and construction workers started preferring the t-shirts, because of their lightweight. In 1920, t-shirt became an official American English word.

The earliest printed t-shirts were shown in the 1939 movie, “Wizard of Oz”. The popularity of the t-shirts skyrocketed to great heights, when Marlon Brando (American Actor) wore t-shirt in the play, “Streetcar Named Desire”. In 1970, t-shirts became a means for self-expressing the personalities. The designs of t-shirts that were created in the 1970 are still popular today. Between the t-shirt designs, the most popular designs of t-shirt include crew neck, raglan, ringers, tanks, V-neck, spaghetti strap, camisole, and polo and many more.

In the past, heraldic, tribal, political, and religious symbols were commonly used in the t-shirts. Today, many types of design applications are used on t-shirts including air brushing, embroidery, direct printing, heat transfer, silk screening, and sublimation. Nowadays, t-shirt has advanced from the part of a military uniform to part of everyday wear. Men, women, and children wear t-shirts for working out, lounging around the house or avoiding the harmful rays of the sun.

There is one good thing about t-shirts that is, they are not big-ticket. A person with a lower income can also buy t-shirts, as compared to upper class individuals owing to their low price. T-shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes, so person interested in purchase of t-shirt has lots of options for choosing his/her preferred tee. Lastly, a t-shirt is a versatile piece of clothing; as it can be used in a variety of ways.

Why T-Shirts? Buying T-Shirts

T-shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing. T-shirt is a popular choice among people of all ages that include men, women, and children. However, if you compare about the priority given to t-shirts by men, women, and children; then, you will figure out that t-shirts are mostly worn by men. Men in the U.S. (United States) are very picky, when it comes to choosing the right t-shirt. T-shirts come in different sleeves format including short sleeves, long sleeves, and three quarter sleeves. Some of the t-shirts are even sleeveless, and those t-shirts are ideal for wearing at the gym.

Which Type of T-Shirt Is the Best to Deal with Hotter Days?

One thing that you may all be familiar with about the clothing is that clothes absorb the radiations from the sun. In case of tee, long sleeve t-shirts absorb the majority of the sun rays respectively as compared to the three-quarter and short sleeve t-shirts. However, short sleeves t-shirt keep you cooler respectively as compared to three-quarter and full sleeve t-shirts. So, all types of t-shirts deal with the hotter radiations from the sun successfully.

A Bit about Short Sleeve Tees:

Short sleeves tees are the choice of majority of customers in the season of summer. Short sleeves t-shirt come in a variety of fits, and one of the popular fits for a short sleeve t-shirt is a “premium fit”. Premium fit is a fit closer to the waist of an individual, and it is made up of a softer material, as in case of a sueded tee. One good example of a crewneck premium fit sueded tee is Next Level Men’s Premium Fitted Sueded Crew. It is one of the best-selling t-shirts in the U.S. This t-shirt is soft and lightweight owing to the materials, cotton and polyester.

Why Should You Buy a Wholesale T-Shirt?

There are different types of pricing strategies that clothing stores adopt to sell t-shirts. Discount is often the main reason for men behind the purchase of t-shirts from apparel stores. Men should buy t-shirts from wholesalers, as they can get more discount by buying their desired t-shirts from them. Wholesale stores offer great discounts on the purchase of t-shirts in a bulk quantity. Luckily, there are many stores online today that offer t-shirts to people in a bulk quantity at discount rates. Even some stores offer free ground shipping on the purchase of clothing items in large numbers.


T-shirt is a versatile clothing item, and it is very popular among men in the U.S. There are four different types of t-shirts including sleeveless, short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, and full sleeves t-shirts. Among all types of t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts are usually the choice of men in summer. T-shirts in the marketplace are available in a variety of fabrics; out of those fabrics, sueded crewneck t-shirt is a famous choice among men, because of its softness. Men should buy t-shirts from wholesalers, as they can get sufficient discount by buying their desired tees from wholesalers. In a nutshell, t-shirt is a very attractive piece of clothing.

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