4 Basic Things to Know About Firewood Storage

Winters are not beautiful without spending family time around a fireplace. Therefore, you should start preparation for firewood before it arrives so that you can enjoy your wintertime. But how will you find out which firewood will burn efficiently?

If you want to enjoy long hours around the fireplace, then you should collect the right firewood and store them properly. The storage of firewood plays an important role. Therefore, you should know all the important things regarding optimum firewood storage. Well, finding the right firewood is not a difficult task.

Here, in this article, we will discuss a few points regarding firewood storage. 

Importance of Firewood Storage –

The optimum storage system will not just help in maintaining the long lifespan of your firewood but also keep them safe. The freshly cut firewood contain approximately 45% water. If you burn wet wood, then it will lead to building up of creosote in your chimney.

The creosote is a naturally formed substance that can form a thin lining on the walls of the chimney. This substance can sometimes lead to a chimney fire. Therefore, it is recommended to burn only dry woods.

Moreover, wet woods are difficult to burn. Therefore, proper storage will help to reduce the moisture content and also keep them safe. Let’s find out how to store your firewood properly: 

1. Search for Right Location 

First of all, you have to collect the firewood’s. You should search for areas where you can get firewood for free such as free firewood Sydney provided by North Shore contractors. After that, you must find out the right location to store your firewood’s inside your house.

Well, it is not an easy task because you can place your firewood’s simply anywhere in your house. You have to search for the right place. It is considered that storing firewood outside the house is the best option as compared to storing them inside.

It is so because storing firewood outside of your house will make sure that there will be adequate airflow. In addition to this, you should also store the firewood’s at least 4 feet away from your home. If you compile firewood near your house, then pests and insects will attack your house.

You should also keep in mind that your firewood’s should be uplifted so that they do not touch the ground so that they do not come in contact with excess moisture. The best solution for proper storage of firewood is a rack. 

2. Stack Firewood Properly 

The stacking up firewood is a kind of art. In this process, you have to convert a messy pile into perfectly arranged firewood’s over the rack. You should keep in mind that this sticking process is not just for aesthetic purposes, but it helps in speeding up the drying process.

While stacking firewood’s, you should follow the rules – each row should not go higher than 4 feet. The firewood’s that have more moisture content should be stored bark-side down so that they get dry soon. The seasoned firewood should be stacked in such a way that the bark side should be up direction. 

3. Save Your Firewood’s from Harmful Elements 

As chopping firewood needs huge amounts of effort, therefore, you should also go a step ahead to protect them as well. Firewood protection is very important so that you get good quality firewood in the winter season.

If you’re firewood’s get constantly exposed to the water or rain, then they will again absorb a huge amount of water. Therefore, these firewood’s become no suitable for the burning process during wintertime.

If you want to protect your firewood pile, then it is imperative to consider a few things in your house for optimum firewood storage. Three important things are required for firewood protection: firewood rack, seasoning shed, and firewood cover. 

4. Maintain Small Pile of Firewood Storage 

You should keep a check on the firewood piles during the drying process. When they start drying up, then you should bring the seasoned wood inside the house. But, make sure you do not bring the excess amount of firewood inside your home.

The seasoned wood can also invite pests and insects inside your house.  It is recommended that you should only bring a handy supply of firewood’s inside your house. You should invest in a log holder. Store the seasoned wood supply in the log holder.  

Better Fire with Seasoned Woods-

The above four points explain the right method to store the firewood’s. The optimum storage of firewood ensures that you can enjoy the better fire in the fireplace during the whole winter season. The proper storage of firewood is not difficult, but you have to learn important things.

Also, you have to do the extra care of firewood’s so that they do not absorb water again. The perfect seasoned wood is good for burning. Also, you can store the seasoned wood for a long time without any problem. 

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