The best general cleaning tips for your business

If you are already thinking about the need to do a general cleaning for your business , and you do not know where to start, in this article we will give you some good tips that will help you when performing this problematic task.

Plan the best dates and times when doing a general cleaning for your business

In any type of business, planning is essential, in order to achieve the best results, and therefore, any secondary activity, whether it be infrastructure maintenance, or cleaning in general, must be perfectly programmed so as not to interfere, delay or even paralyze the pace. of usual work.

The most suitable moments to do a general cleaning for your business, can be the following:

  • Taking advantage of the vacation dates of the staff, or stopping the activity by rest.
  • Dates in which there is a lower demand for services or products.
  • Coinciding with moments before stock replenishment.

If none of these options adapt to the pace of your business, perhaps you will have to plan the cleaning tasks in general, prolonging the number of days of execution, to adapt them to the daily moments in which the work rhythm decreases and the amount of Employees and customers

Where to start when doing a general cleaning for your business

Before putting all the installations upside down, it is necessary to evaluate according to the type of activity and size of the spaces, if it will be more convenient to perform a certain general cleaning task , at once, or to carry out all the tasks corresponding to each space , before cleaning another area.

To make it more graphic, we will give an example:

When cleaning continuous surfaces, such as cleaning industrial warehouses and ship floors , it is more practical to carry out the task continuously until its completion. On the contrary, if it is a question of carrying out the general cleaning of a notary, it may be necessary to perform the complete cleaning of the meeting room at a specific time, and then go to the hall, and so on, so that they do not occur disorders in habitual activity.

Necessary tasks when doing a general cleaning for your business

As important as programming the dates and the order of execution of the tasks, it is also to study and express in writing all the activities and procedures necessary to achieve the best and most lasting result when carrying out the general cleaning for your business.

When we think of tasks to be done when doing a general cleaning, almost no one escapes that it will be necessary to thoroughly clean surfaces that are usually cleaned more superficially with daily cleaning, such as corners of less commonly accessible floors, interior furniture, windows complete with profiles and blinds.

But perhaps it is not repaired so much when programming, in the need to use technical procedures, which can improve the results of general cleaning, such as:

  • Surface pickling when dirt has penetrated deeply and common scrubbing is insufficient.
  • Crystallized surfaces to prevent dirt from entering porous soils.
  • Polished or waxed, to return to the surfaces their original appearance.
  • Cleaning with ozone , to disinfect all types of environments.
  • Carpet cleaning and carpet and upholstery cleaning , with special machinery.
  • Cleaning of air conditioning ducts and filters .
  • Cleaning of pipes, drains, boxes and other sanitation systems.
general cleaning

It is also important when planning a general cleaning for your business , how to access the most complicated areas of high ceilings, windows, luminaires, etc …, for which you must have lifting systems such as:

  • Extensible stairs
  • Telescopic handles
  • Lift systems, or gondola, depending on the working height.

Important tips when doing a general cleaning of your business

  • Depending on the tasks and cleaning products that are used when doing the general cleaning of your business , it will be necessary to know the corresponding occupational risk prevention measures, as well as to have the most appropriate means of personal protection, to avoid accidents
  • In the cases in which it is intended to perform a general cleaning of the business while maintaining the activity, it is important to communicate it to the workers, on a bulletin board, or with other types of posters or informative notes, including specific instructions so that employees know in every moment how to proceed both in the performance of your work, as in the use of spaces, etc …
  • The general cleaning of your business , can be an ideal time to inventory, and eliminate everything that lacks value and utility, or even rediscover some equipment, element, or cornered document that you no longer remembered.
  • In businesses in which a lot of documentation is handled, or in the zones of classified products, the order in the cleaning processes is decisive, to avoid subsequent losses of time. Always following the procedure of moving and replacing each element in the same situation that was previously.
general cleaning

If this is not feasible or insufficient to protect the order of the documents, products or elements, while the general cleaning is done , the possibility of a packaging system with identification and prior classification must be considered.

  • After the general cleaning of the business , it is also convenient to carry out a treatment for the prevention and control of pests , since with the procedures used, it is quite likely that the treatment previously applied, has lost its effectiveness.
  • The general cleaning of a business is usually a good time to detect repair and maintenance needs that might otherwise go unnoticed camouflaged by furniture and equipment.

If you do not have time to plan the general cleaning for your business, it is best to leave it in the hands of experts, you will save time and headaches. 

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