Track your employees with the best spy software for professional computers

Since businesses have adopted advanced technology, responsibilities have also increased. During working hours, employees get involved in useless activities because they think no one is monitoring them. Employees use company equipment for personal use or freshness. The results come in low productivity, efficiency and lack of performance. It may also result from the employer’s inability because they don’t monitor time and then suffer losses.

Even if employers monitor them, sometimes they are too busy not to see their employer’s performance all day long. Technology provides its solution in the form of spy software. Spy software enables businesses to secretly monitor the day-to-day activities of employees in real-time. Here we will discuss how they help employers increase business growth.

TheOneSpy Employee Tracking Spy Software

These days, TheOneSpy is one of the leading spy software in the market. It provides real-time activities of employees with 100% accuracy and reliability. It works smoothly with businesses’ professional computers, so management could track all-day activities on targeted PC. It runs in stealth mode so the targeted user cannot locate it easily.

It enables the user to protect their workers from online stalkers, which mostly an attack on faithful employees of the organization. TOS gives real-time and accurate results that’s why many businesses have adopted this technology and working successfully with its advanced features.

Advance Features of TheOneSpy

Let us look at advance spy features of TheOneSpy that help in an employee monitoring app.

  • E-mails reader
  • Surrounding Recorder
  • Software usage timing tracker
  • Websites blocker
  • Installed applications tracker
  • Computer photos tracker
  • Activity logs
  • Windows Keylogger
  • Social media tracker
  • Browsing history tracker
  • Alarm logs

Beside all these specific features, it gives a value to their customers with advance functions that add values to these features. Let us see how TheOneSpy gives value for money to users.

  • It gives user-friendly reports, so the employer can evaluate employee productivity on time.
  • It enables the employer to track activities in real-time with no gap.
  • It runs in both modest offline and online. If there is no internet, TheOneSpy will work offline too. So, when the internet will connect, TOS will automatically transfer data on a user cloud account.
  • Mighty alarms allow the user to set specific alarms on specific activities, so when an employee will do those activities, an instant alarm will automatically send to an employer.
  • Users can get a screenshot by giving a single command.

Common reasons for spying on employees

Here we will discuss the most common reasons when an employer feels the need to track employee activities during working hours.

  • Usually, competitors target the faithful employees of the company, so they can get secret or sensitive data of the company. They buy them just for some money. Employees share a business important data file by mail. In this way, the company feels the need to spy on them to protect the business.
  • Sometimes employees have a dispute with staff members, and they want to harm the company and discuss it with other colleagues. Social media apps trackers help the employer track their conversations and Skype phone calls so they can protect the business.
  • An employer can track employee performance in project work efficiency, work duration, and loyalty towards the organization. So, on this basis management can evaluate them and can increment salary or reward with bonuses, etc. or if someone is not properly performing in tasks, so an organization can throw the spoil eggs.
  • An employer can see the interest of a worker, if the employee is lacking motivation or not taking an interest in projects, so an organization can see which type of motivation or training their employees to need.
  • Besides, that employer can track if the employee is using wasting time on inappropriate activities like watching harmful content which can affect its productivity, so an employer can automatically block that site with a single click.


We concluded that it becomes the requirement of time that organizations want to achieve their goals successfully by strengthening their foundations. TheOneSpy works efficiently with professional computers and enables the organization to enhance employee productivity so they could maintain their business goodwill.

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